HBS has been providing practical, bespoke solutions to a wide range of Employment Law and H.R. issues for 20 years

About HBS Partnership Ltd

Our Principal, David Smith, serves as a Member of the Employment Tribunals, being specially accredited to hear cases involving Discrimination. 

For commercial balance, he is engaged as an Independent Director with the UK's largest investor in unquoted companies.

The company advises Employers only

HBS does not insist that you purchase a 'standard pack' of HR solutions or sign a long term contract for our services

The personal relationship with the client is far more important than the contractual relationship.  Simply put, you use our services only when the need arises

Our fees are charged on an hourly basis

We do not promote the 'insured' approach which may well inhibit your flexibility to act and, indeed, may be reflected in the advice you receive

We take your business circumstances and ethos fully into account and are available when you need us - during and outside working hours
We will visit your business, if necessary, to fully understand the issues and we will often be able to provide on-the-spot solutions
HBS Partnership Ltd, Elmsdale House, Bracken Lane, Holloway, Nr. Matlock, Derbyshire  DE4 5AS    E-mail: enquiries@hbs-law.co.uk

We believe that the HBS approach to the provision of Employment Law Advisory Services is an attractive option and we have the recommendations, along with 20 years experience, to demonstrate the point.